AO Collective – Alpha Omega Winery, Tolosa Winery & Perinet

We spent an amazing morning learning about the umbrella brand known as the Alpha Omega Collective and tasting wines from Alpha Omega Winery as well as the two sister properties, Tolosa Winery and Perinet. It was an exciting day with three unique Winemakers, discussing the philosophy behind their wines and what ties the AO Collective together….

Charlie Palmer Steak – Napa Valley’s New Cosmopolitan Hot Spot

The long anticipated Archer Hotel, smack in the middle of a seemingly quiet downtown Napa, has only been open for a few weeks. But inside there is a restaurant breathing new life as a metropolitan vibe is evolving at the new Charlie Palmer Steak. A lot of long-time locals in the Napa Valley frown upon…

Sunday Brunch At 1313 Main – A Napa Valley Foodies Dream

Everyone that knows me makes fun of me taking pictures of my food, telling them what to order so I can take pictures of their food, and wanting to take pictures of strangers food. If this is something you struggle with on a daily basis, you may want to check out 1313 Main in downtown…

Wine Aroma Training – Fun With Le Nez Du Vin

As another attempt to better myself at the art of wine tasting, I decided to purchase a training tool called, Le Nez Du Vin, to help me identify particular wine aromas in different wines that I taste everyday in and around Napa Valley. Here in Napa Valley, wine tasting is a fun and enjoyable way…

The Charter Oak Restaurant Part Deux – Brunch in the Napa Valley

In a land where Eggs Benedict rules the brunch world, The Charter Oak restaurant in Saint Helena is striving to bring a different approach to one of the most gratifying meals of the weekend. I wanted to do this follow-up to my Charter Oak Restaurant dinner post because I had heard great things about this brunch….

Acacia House Revived Into High-End Restaurant & Resort in Napa Valley

Las Alcobas, the controversial resort just north of Saint Helena has revived a piece of Napa Valley history by renovating the old Victorian Acacia House into a comfortable, friendly, fine dining restaurant ran by Top Chef Masters winner and The Next Iron Chef competitor Chris Cosentino. I have only lived in Saint Helena for four years, and…

What Wines are Winter Wines? Wine Pairing in a Winter Wonderland

What wines do you think go best on a blustery day or night, rain and snow falling like crazy? I feel like summer disappeared so quickly, I didn’t have time to pull out the jackets and sink into hibernation mode. One thing I do notice is that my palate changes through the seasons like clockwork….